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Danny Mikes is proud of the fact that he and his wife Amy are life long residents of Central Texas. Hometown family values such as, love of country, patriotism, hard work, attention to details and giving friendly quality service has been instilled in both Danny and Amy since childhood.

Danny tells it like this. I was exposed to cooking at an early age with my Dad so I literally grew up cooking BBQ. Family and friends would come to our house on Sunday to enjoy my Dad's cooking. As a young man I got involved in the BBQ cooking competition circuit and became very successful.  Our BBQ has won the World Championship (only person in this area), National Championship, State Championship, and several Regional Championships (see awards page).

My wife Amy and I are now living our dream of owning our own family run Texas style BBQ restaurant. Our children are growing up in our footsteps and make up a 3rd generation of BBQ cooks. Each of our children work along side of us in the business and are learning not only how to cook championship BBQ and run the business but also the lessons my Dad passed along to me.

 Now people come from miles around to enjoy our Award Winning BBQ five days a week. We still close on Sundays to allow our employees to worship and be with their families.

We Support Our Troops!